"Agenda" view, to see all items listed by due date

It’d be really handy to have a special view that would aggregate (perhaps just those under a certain tree?) all items and sort them by date. This would form like a hit-list/agenda of things to tackle, which are date-sensitive.


You can find all dates right now, just can’t sort them.

Sorting dates is kind of tricky, especially when the dates are inside different documents. In that case, would you rather mix them altogether or sort the dates inside each document?

Of course the first thing that came to my mind is the technical challenge. I get it’s very useful when you want to pull up a list of due tasks to tackle :slight_smile:.

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Would it be easy to have a special document or formatting command that would draw in a list of links to items with dates?

This might require having pinned documents, but I guess that’s what the bookmarks bar is for.

I have used 'hashtag’date as dates in most of my file names, and in WF for quite a while and found that it works quite well for targeting, sorting, and finding dates. Example - today is #161111 - with this tag, I can click the date and see all documents with the date. Not sure how or if that would work in the Dynalist architecture but it is really handy .

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Thanks for the tip! I’ll use that.

In my head I imagined it just pulling all dated items from all documents and presenting them in date ordert (I think… unless there was some way to navigate documents in the context of a date-sorted view, but that’s getting even more complex).

I see, that’s what I imagined when you mentioned “Agenda view” as well. Not exactly a calendar view, but more like a list of dates along with their context in a chronological order. And by clicking on each date you arrive at the original item.

Maybe change the title to “Agenda view” so it’s more intuitive?

And woah Discourse, it’s only been less than two months…

I couldn’t find information elsewhere;
Is the Agenda view in the project pipeline? Has it happened and I missed it?


No, agenda view is not in the project pipeline/short term plan.

We will try to stay true to an outliner and leave the other functionalities to plugins and integrations. For example, now if you sync all your Dynalist dates to Google Calendar, you effectively have an agenda view.

The pro is that the calendar is built upon all the Google Calendar infrastructure, so things like SMS notifications and invitation are already in place. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

The con, of course, is that it’s not part of Dynalist and we have little control over how things are done.

Being able to bookmark searches and have searches return items in time descending order would go such a long way towards this (esp. if paired with the ability to tick off tasks directly in the resulting view)