Agenda app for Mac (and soon iOS) - it’s a beautiful new note taking app with an emphasis on organizing things by time. The UI reminds me a bit of Bear - lovely to look at and play with, but I suspect will fall apart quickly with use.

What makes it a non-starter for me is that you can’t add attachments or images right now (it’s being worked on, according to their community). But it seems to provide a lot in the free version including iCloud sync across Macs.


Looks like there is not much you can do there, the main advantages becomes useless:

  1. You can add a calendar or a date only to a whole note, not a single item of list.
  2. You need to keep track of your agenda, and as for note taking app you will have a pare of to-do list there always.
  3. A dot left from every single item is only used to change formatting, no way to collapse a children elements even

It is worth to mention their pleasant interface (lacking of dark theme) with retractable side-panels and premium sale plan as one year subscription for current and upcoming features during that year.