Adding line breaks within a bullet point

I understand that we can toggle view bulletpoints, but I’d also like a feature to add line breaks within a bullet point.

So instead of

  • List item
  • Item Description1
  • Item Description2

I’d like

  • List Item
    Item Description 1
    Item Description 2

Thanks! This could be really helping in organizing outlines, and paragraphs, etc.

At Windows: Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

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Wow, thank you. Can’t believe I couldn’t find it.

It should be in the Shortcuts & Formatting Help section (invoked by Ctrl+?).

What section is it under? I still can’t find it :frowning:

its under “Move between item and note”

its actually invokved by SHIFT+ENTER

that’s for notes, but he is talking about multiple lines in one item, it’s named “Insert new line in item” and it’s under “Formatting” section
but why this is under ‘formatting’ when this clearly belongs to ‘working with lists’, is beyond me :stuck_out_tongue:

There seems to be 2 formatting sections…


@Erica may I suggest "Insert new line in item: Ctrl+Shift+↵ " be moved under the “Working with Lists” section? Seems more intuitive to me.


i forgot about this feature, I tried it early on but then proceeded to never touch it again

its just not intuitive enough for me since you have to press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER for every new line, and the keys for pressing it are really finnicky

it should just stay in that mode until you press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER again,

where ENTER just adds new lines (as opposed to starting a new bulletpoint)

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Working with lists mostly involves working with items as a whole, if that makes sense, e.g. deleting an entire item, marking an item as done. Ctrl+Shift+Enter only inserts a line break.

As for two formatting sections, formatting is its own section, whereas the the other formatting is a sub-section under shortcuts. In other words, one is for formatting syntax, and the other one is for formatting shortcuts. Maybe we should reword them!

In the same subject, I wonder how to paste many line without the automatic bullet but as a classic line break like with Shift+Enter.

I think the default is Ctrl+Shift+Enter