Adding Columns to Items


beautiful but it seems to be very complex. maybe the authors couldnt have time to create such a project. I dont know :sweat_smile:
It could be great though. I would love it. :hearts:


It seems to me, similar to the MindMap, this would be a great candidate for alternative views of a document. @Erica I know you had mentioned in the past that one of your goals was alternative views for documents, like the mindmap. I can see a “table” view of a document being an option as well with Each main bullet on a document being a row, and each sub-bullet being the column for that row, all without the need for special mark-up syntax. Or alternatively each column (including header) being a main bullet with each item under it being a row’s cell.

Even the Card view of Trello or Airtable could be accomplished in the same way by applying ‘views’ to data. So the idea of View’s is still an exciting option to me. Now making them ‘customizable’ might be more difficult beyond having a few standard views like mind map etc. But I certainly hope you keep with that early idea you had mentioned in the past and take it beyond just mind maps :slight_smile:


Thanks for that, @butlermatt, especially about reminding us about our early vision.

I like the idea, it’s definitely more work if we set out to make the tables editable (writing an online Excel is no joke), but it solves most of the problem I’ve seen in other proposals. Markdown/WYSIWYG tables lacks structure from the Dynalist perspective, whereas adding columns like OmniOutliner seems to complicate the outline too much.

Thanks again!


This is a fun challenge to noodle on. Dynalist already gets so much of the basics right that @Erica can afford to take the time to think it through properly…

For me, I think the problem we’re trying to solve just visualizing structured data. Outlines (and Dynalist especially) are great for visualizing hierarchies, less so for attributes.

Just like adding a note to a bullet solving a layout problem (you could just type the note in-between parentheses, etc.) maybe adding a column to a bullet is worth exploring. And then new bullets are rows, not sub-bullets. I’d have to design the workflows to make sure I’m not missing something but I think it could work.


I just had another instance where a table would have been handy, but I had another twist on it.

I was trying to make a list of the light fixtures in my house, so when I get to Home Depot I’m not overwhelmed by the world-o-bulbs aisle!

I don’t really need a table. What I really want is a way to column align the parts of each bullet line (row). Like being able to put tabs into the string so things line up vertically.

I know I’ve complained about Dynalist’s non-standard Markdown implementation, and Tables or Tabs would be another deviation point. But there is a reference, both Markdown Here and GFM support them.

So I would suggest using the vertical bar, or a double vertical bar (if Dynalist insists), to indicate a tab that should be inserted when the line is formatted.


Similar to Table functionality


Yes, the Markdown extension would seem to be simplest.

  • A | B | C
  • 1 | 2 | 3

could make a 2x3 table.


This is definitely a feature which would warrant it’s own View rather than being an inline item. There’s just so much you could do with a table whilst keeping it Dynalist-speedy and not bulking it down.

When I look at some of the data I wish I could sort into a table like health supplements and travel reviews what I’m really looking at is how I can interact with the table, not just it being in a table format.

I don’t see a feature like defining a column field type (e.g. text, number, image, due date) working well with a small inline table - it needs a full page view to have some ways to interact with the data.