Add TextExpander snippet support to Dynalist for iOS?

Since Dynalist makes lists and outlines so easy to manage, I can’t help thinking of one key thing that would make entering text even easier in the Dynalist for iOS app: integration with TextExpander.

I know TextExpander wouldn’t be for everyone since it’s a separate, paid service, but the iOS apps I use that are enhanced with TextExpander integration really make mobile entry a ton easier (notably Editorial and Bear, and I notice Dynalist competitors like OmniOutliner and others). I expand snippets frequently when I’m using Dynalist on a desktop machine, and I really miss that on mobile!

Judging from the number of people who have mentioned TextExpander here in the forums over the last year, there’s a considerable number of users who use TextExpander to complement Dynalist on the desktop.

Any possibility to add TextExpander integration to Dynalist for iOS?

TextExpander’s list of enhanced iOS apps is here: (and includes a link to their SDK).


Textexpanders are such a boon. I do have a immediate workaround to your problem. Google Keyboard has a personal dictionary option that works like textexpanders, if I’m not wrong so does iOS keyboard, if not you can look into GK.


Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll think about it!

Do consider @Subhinay. In the long run, it might be better if the functionality doesn’t rely on the developers to integrate it, so you can use it in more apps, browsers even. Just my 2 cents.

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Good suggestion! And for some uses, I will indeed consider that — but it makes me realize I didn’t detail my use-case enough (sorry!): One of the key ways I use TextExpander is for variable snippets like “today’s date” and other date/time tricks (and the iOS keyboard shortcuts can’t do those). So it’d still be nice to have the SDK integration, imho.

Thanks for the feedback!


Although some users have suggested that Dynalist offers a way to input today’s date or the current time, we feel like that should be the job of some other specialized app, like TextExpander :slight_smile: