Add recently visited bookmarks to the Ctrl+O menu

Short description of the feature with an example:


There is currently no way to jump to a bookmark without searching for it using Ctrl+O menu or clicking through the left panel with a mouse. This requires too much effort and eats too much time for such a frequent task as switching between frequently used bookmarks.

Suggested feature:

I believe, switching between recently used bookmarks would be much more effective if Dynalist showed recently visited bookmarks in the Ctrl+O dialog.

Have a look at a rough demo, please.

Recently used bookmarks and documents could be sorted by last usage timestamps and shown together (currently, only documents are shown). A user could navigate through the items by repeated presses of the Ctrl+O or arrows.

Expected impact:

Having this feature in Dynalist, the user would not need to type anything or touch a mouse to locate a recently used bookmark which would result in an essential reduction of the time required to access frequently used content, thus minimizing total waste of time in long run.

Additional note:

If we already have this “recently visited” menu for documents, it probably makes sense to have it also for bookmarks for all the same reasons.

Conceptualizing with reference to Workflowy’s & other UIs:

I empathize with people who ask for a closer UX to Workflowy’s “Starred Pages” and its “Ctrl + ;” shortcut. I’d put the problem the following way.

We can think of two usage scenarios resulting in a jump to a bookmark:

  1. Search for a bookmark among all bookmarks typing search terms
  2. Fast switch between recently used bookmarks

The first is currently covered by the “Ctrl+O” shortcut perfectly well.

The second one is not directly addressed. On PCs we have a shortcut “Alt + Tab” (switching between active apps), in Workflowy - “Ctrl + ;”. These shortcuts are very well designed and suitable specifically for switching. You press the shortcut repeatedly to iterate through recently used items. Additionally, you can use arrows for navigation through longer lists of recently used items. This is mentally and mechanically easier and faster than recalling part of a name of the desired bookmark, typing it in, and then choosing the bookmark from the list of all matches.

The feature described above is to effectively address the second scenario.


Very interesting idea!

To anyone who’s reading: like the OP’s post if you want something like this!

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