Add option to hide/not expand raw link URL when selecting item

On mobile it becomes really messy when I have markdown raw URLs that fully expand when selecting an item. I’d like to have the option to create a hyperlink in an item and then when I select said item - the link stays collapsed/embedded. Maybe a long press would expand it again or something.

Bear does it in an interesting way, where the raw link collapses into a little icon and when you tap on it a popup comes up to edit it. Could be a good solution too.


I dislike this too, the line jumps every time I go near the links. Is there an option to disable expanding markdown?

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I’m not sure why you’re entering edit mode on each node when scrolling your list, but I’m not sure how you use it. I personally just use the touchpad on mac.

If its a mobile thing You could use a third party app like Quick Dynalist

No it’s when “selecting an item” like I specified, not when scrolling, it’s expected behavior for Dynalist but I wish there was a way to keep the links collapsed