Add navigate up/down action in mobile/tablet tool bar

Note that this says navigate up or down, not move the list up or down; just want to suggest this as a temporary solution to problems with up and down arrow keys from external keyboard not working in iOS.

Also out of context, with 2 extra actions in tool bar, just giving an extra suggestion to group certain actions in a specific group and access an action inside with hold-release mechanics to make tool bar less cluttered while retaining function.

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Fixing Up/Down keys with iOS + external keyboard is our top priority right now, so we should get it fixed soon. If we decide it’s impossible to fix because of technical reasons, we’ll add customizable shortcuts and perhaps also toolbar buttons for this.

If we can get a working fix, I think that’s better than crowding the toolbar. (Or maybe people that do not use external keyboards will also find this useful?)

So I saw the update recently, gonna wait until I get new Bluetooth keyboard to test it.
Regardless, thanks for fixing this issue. :slight_smile:

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Let us know the test results! :slight_smile:

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Ok, I must say that it actually worked and makes Dynalist lot easier to use now, thanks a lot for the awaited fix. :smiley:

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I’ll close this feature request? Or we can keep it, and maybe other users that do not use external keyboards will find this feature useful.

Keeping it would be nice for those users.

Though, I somehow thought of a idea, instead of up/down button in toolbar, Dynalist could make use of swipe up-down gesture as an alternative option to extra 2 buttons in toolbar; preferably 2-finger gesture so it will be friendly to mobile users. If Dynalist is acceptable with the idea of gestures, I’ll edit the main post otherwise I’ll leave as it is.

Hmm, that would be kinda unintuitive though. If you want this yourself, you can edit the main post; otherwise just leave it be.