Add Horizontal Row (<hr>) markdown support

It is fairly common to have the “—” or “___” commands in Markdown supported tools. If unfamiliar, this would create a full-width horizontal line. It would be great to have this included in Dynalist.

Love what you guys are doing! Great product!


This is a great idea. I have been experimenting with more ways to add more visual indicators to larger outlines. This I think would be useful.

Thank you so much for the kind words!

<hr> is definitely useful when composing traditional keyboards. Outlines in Dynalist are not traditional, linear documents though. For that reason, I suggest using an empty item with a color label as the horizontal row.

When you put a horizontal row, I understand it as it’s separating two sections. I think it makes sense that these two sections should be in different items, thus making an empty line a good way to separate them.

Or did you want to put only <hr> in an empty to separate two items?