Add ++Highlighter++ formatting

Thanks so much!

Can you give an step-by-step description for non-tec-persons? I copy “.node-inline-code {background-color:#ffd;color:#000;font-family:‘Whitney’;padding:3px;}”, go to settings / Custom CSS, copy into the field and then…?

You can apply highlighting by enclosing text in a single backtick (beginning and end) and finishing the edit.

pottser beat me to it, but basically you got the CSS part right. Now to see it, add backticks (``) around the text you want to highlight.

I got it with the background color. The normal black text in Dynalist is color #000000? I am using Whitney Small. What must I change in the code to get the same font size than my normal text?

Please try to post a new post to maybe Developer instead of piggybacking a thread. It’s getting off-topic.

This would be amazing feature. Please start charging more so you can hire more team to faster add amazing features PLEASE.

This has been added, but it’s ==Highlighter== not ++.