Add Expand/Collapse toggle button to navigation panel

In Microsoft Outlook there are buttons you can place on the Quick Access Toolbar that expands all groups or collapse all groups, and I use it all the time. I would love a similar feature added to Dynalist, ideally one button that toggles between fully expanded and fully collapsed view of whatever list you’re currently looking at. The collapsed view should only show the direct children of the list you’re viewing. Placing it near the forward/back buttons would probably be the best location.

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Is that different from using the “Collapse all”/“Expand all” option on the current root item?

Or it’s the same thing and you just want a button for it?

It is slightly different, please see these two images as an example. The proposed collapse/expand all would toggle between these two views. It saves a number of button clicks as each sub-item had to be manually expanded. If there is already a function that does this, I am unaware of it.

Hover over the current root item (“Equipment upgrades”, in your example). Then choose “Expand all” or “Collapse all” (the option will differ based on the current expanded state).

Ah thank you! Then to answer your original question I would like that button to be more prominent and not buried within a mouse-over menu.

That’s a pretty similar feature request to another recent post: New way to expand/collapse

How often do you use this button? That would an important refactor for us to decide whether the change is needed.

For anyone who’s reading this, if you feel the same need, please comment too so we can know.

I would probably use it multiple times daily, I sometimes get lost in a list when there’s too many sub-items and use this to quickly get an overview of the list to reorient myself.

I also am not terribly fond of the current implementation, I don’t know if I would want all the items expanded all the time, most of the time I would want just the direct children expanded but their children to remain collapsed.

That sounds more like a personal habit, and it’s hard for us to accommodate everyone’s habits.

We can view the normal expand/collapse as 1 level, and expand all/collapse all as infinite levels. I believe you’re talking about 2 levels in your case, but that the optimal number might be 3 levels or 4 levels for others users or other documents. Any number would be arbitrary, and we’re hesitant to pick a number for this.

Agreed on the hesitancy of hard-coding an arbitrary number. It could however be a user-defined number that defaults to something but is adjustable based on user preference.