Add date "!" on capture to inbox popup

When I use capture to inbox shortcut (ctrl+shift+i), in the popup that I get I can normally write, paste, add # and @ hashtags. But unfortunately cannot add a date with “!” option as I can anywhere else. I think it would be very good if we can also add a date directly inside that popup. Otherwise, we still have to go to inbox to add it if we need date, and in that case, the capture to inbox shortcut is of little value. Otherwise (when date is not needed), it is very helpful! Thank you.

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I’d like to have that too. My workflow is based on having date on every task and right now I need to add dates manually by typing !(2021-10-21) when capturing items into the inbox.

It is really hard to tell what date it would be in exactly 1 or 2 weeks :wink: but on calendar widget it’s only 1 or 2 arrow keys, enter, and I’m done. Would be helpful when I want to quickly add a new task without loosing focus on what I’m working on at the moment.

@Patrik and anyone who needs something like this - text expanders might be interesting to you: