Add an option to export node links (e.g for Dynalist → Obsidian export)

Sorry, maybe I’m dumb, but I haven’t found neither a way to do this in the interface nor a corresponding feature request.

Imagine I want to export my Dynalist lists to Obsidian. I have a following doc:

The export options are as follows:

test doc
    node 1 [node 2](
    node 2
    <outline text="test doc">
      <outline text="node 1 [node 2]("/>
      <outline text="node 2"/>

There is an internal Dynalist link, but it’s only for the node that is the target of a link. If I wanted to convert the exported file to individual markdown notes, it would be impossible since the original node id’s aren’t listed. Something like this could be helpful:

    <outline text="test doc" node_id="NhzZarnud2k_xfC4cQOociTC">
      <outline text="node 1 [node 2](" node_id="NhzZarnud2k_xfC4cQOociTC#fxtDbXdmCVxYBsXtgJKK5TT2"/>
      <outline text="node 2" node_id="NhzZarnud2k_xfC4cQOociTC#HssPCW7PawD2aN-C7V83jGv5"/>

That way one could easily write a converter to conveniently export all Dynalist data, keeping the internal links intact.


This is why I shun internal links in Dynalist and use tags and search instead.