Accidentally deleted text

I have accidentally deleted my whole document and I cannot get it back. I just wanted to collapse everything (so I selected everything), but I’ve apparently used some wrong short-cut combinations for the collapse and now everything is gone. Ctrl+Z doesn’t bring back anything. I might have tried too many rescue options since then and now it seems to be lost forever.

I was not able to reproduce the symptoms on other documents. In my mock examples, the Ctrl+Z option works nicely.

I’m just a regular user without Dropbox synchronization, and I didn’t use the “download backup” option before this has happened. I use dynalist online in Chrome on Windows 10. It has happened a few hours ago.

Thanks for your help!

:pray:praying for you

@Petra_Rovo: name of the document please? You can PM me if it’s confidential. Thanks!

Dear Erica,

The name is “polyA silk proteins”. The accident happened on Saturday (29.09) at around 3 pm (CET).
Thank you very much for all your effort! I really appreciate it.


PM’ed in the forum. Thanks!

I have the same problem , I probably erased by mistake an important document over the
last few days. I do not know how it happened. Is there a way to review recently
deleted docs?Actually it should be the latest and only one for a long time.
Thank you very much for your time and help

This answer is probably too late for you Petra but I thought of a hack. I accidentally deleted a bunch of text IN a list, I did not delete the whole list. It occurred to me that I have the Dynalist app on my phone, which goes to lockscreen after being idle a few minutes. I unlocked my phone, turned off wifi from the upper menu then went to Settings and did airplane mode. Sure enough, I went to the app and my text was there!!

I copied and pasted to email & emailed to myself, then cut and pasted to my web version of Dynalist.

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