About the 🌟Features category


Suggest and talk about yet-to-be-implemented features here.

We didn’t move all the feature cards from Trello—only the most popular ones. If you want to talk about a feature that’s not moved over, free feel to start a new topic!

One thing to note is that instead of telling us what to build exactly, we’d really appreciate it if you can tell us about the problem you’re having.

The reason is this: there are often multiple ways to solve the same problem, each with its pros and cons. These solutions may all be valid, but because of the certain things we value (e.g. simplicity and flexibility), one of them would make the most sense for Dynalist. This is where discussion comes in—after you’ve talked about your problem, we can get together to discussion possible solutions and see which one makes the most sense for Dynalist.


This is just a meta post… I think you should open a new post about the feature you proposed?