About the 🐛Bugs category


Report and discuss existing bugs here.


###1. Update to latest

Before submitting a bug report, try refreshing or relaunching Dynalist first and see if the problem goes away, unless if refreshing would result in data loss.

2. Search first

Try searching for the existing bug with relevant keywords and only create a new one when you believe it won’t be a duplicate. Duplicates crowd the forum and make it harder for everyone to know the status of bugs.

3. Use the template

We’ve added a bug reporting template that you’ll see when you create a new topic. Filling it out makes it much easier for us to investigate the bug, so we highly recommend that you use it.

Note: do not post sensitive personal data, as this is a public forum. If you want to do that, use the in-app feedback option instead.

Explanation of the tags

  1. Fixed: this means we’ve released a fix and have confirmed with the reporter that the bug has been fixed.
  2. Resolved: the reported problem was not a bug per se, but got resolved.
  3. Tracked: this bug has been tracked in our internal bug tracking system.
  4. Closed: due to some reason, this bug report becomes invalid and we will not fix it.