Able to put the application into an un-editable state by switching window sizes

  1. On a laptop or chromebook, open the application full screen.
  2. Shrink the application down until it goes into “mobile view”
  3. In mobile view, go to the view options and make it read only
  4. Make the application full screen again.
    At this point, the data cannot be edited, with now way to take it out of read only mode except to repeat the above steps in reverse.

The solution is to 1) make “read only” mode obvious so that it is clear why you can’t edit and 2) allow the option on both mobile and regular versions.

Will move to feature request - We’ll track this issue to add the locked button to regular desktop mode.

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Implemented. Now you’ll see the blue lock once you’ve turned it on, and you can turn it off on the wide layout as well.

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