Ability to search keymap and shortcuts

it could be cool if there was a searchbox at the top of “keymap” and the shortcuts bar on the right.

so that I could search for what I’m looking for

could be implemented similar to the chrome search at: chrome://settings/

e.g. i’m looking for what the shortcut key to jump to the “notes” section of an item is (side note, it looks like it’s labelled as “Insert new line in item”, which is a bit confusing imho)


What a coincidence… I just had the same thought the other day.

I was scrolling down the list and realized that it’s definitely at a point where a search/filter box would be handy.

Thanks for the feature request!

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Incidentally if you change Ctrl-F to a different key, then the browser search will take over Ctrl-f and you can find keymaps.

Or you can use Ctrl+G (it works on Chrome and Firefox at least). I think Ctrl+F vs G do slightly different things.

I’m using the desktop app, so neither of those shortcuts could work for me (searches the document pane, not the right shortcut pane)


I see, good point. The search bar is still very much needed.

Update: implemented in the latest release. Cheers!

hi erica. i waited to see if it came into the stable release first. but now a few weeks later; I haven’t seen it go into action. plesae can you advise?

Go to settings Keymap. Search box should be there

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