Ability to https://dynalist.io/#q=searchterm through just a GET query

I am trying to add a custom search engine to the Alfred app to search my dynalist account. It requires the ability to access a search from just a GET url. It appears the global search doesn’t work this way and probably requires POST even though the URL changes.

What will you do with the server response? Open a browser to the url?

I tried getting dynalist items via the REST API once but I gave up after just flatting a document to plain text lines Using the Dynalist API in Python (With example code to export flattened document)

There’s no API for search, and the search uses a lot of clientside javascript rather than a static response, so if you’re trying to get flat search results into an alfred dropdown, you’re going to need to find some library more complex than REST functions or youll have to use the dynalist document read API, flatten it, and program the search filter yourself. I think.

You could also start from this, looks like he gets 1 document to plain text too. I’m not sure how to do all documents tho.

Yeah it is basic. It just loads the URL in your default browser.