Ability to expand files

It would be very useful to be able to expand files. This would not only make it easier to navigate but also to allow for more convenient item movement. Now if I want to move an item with the mouse I have to open both the target location and the item’s location which is challenging when there’s a lot of items.

This is not the same as “split screen”. The file expansion on the left only serves for easier navigation/item movement and is not a full blown view.

This is the only feature I really miss from Workflowy.

I don’t understand.

Do you have a screenshot of expanding files in workflowy? I googled “expand files in workflowy” and only see this https://blog.workflowy.com/the-return-of-expand-and-collapse-all/ but obviously dynalist works exactly the same in that regard

Do you mean expand or something else? Expand generally means clicking the + symbol to collapse and expand the child nodes.

Do you mean document or file? File is generally a .zip you upload for example, document is generally the list.

Are you using the move hotkey? https://blog.dynalist.io/move-item/

Sorry for being vague. You can see what I mean in the video here: https://youtu.be/8aa9cRAici4?t=147 (at 2:27).

In addition to navigation, it is also possible to drag and drop items from the view on the right to the expanded tree on the left.

And yes, I use the move hotkey extensively but quite often I prefer using the mouse instead.

Oh, that is a nice feature. I see someone requested it before https://trello.com/c/Bwzfc0Bj/103-overview-panel .

Hmm, I am not sure it’s the same feature actually but the description is a bit confusing so I might be wrong.