A star is the opposite of a checkbox

Hey I have a Lotta jobs.
Each job has certain things that need to be done today.
Each job is in a own silo in main list.

I want to look through the jobs and see the things that need to be done today and put a star next to them and then
See all my starred items.
This should not be as complicated as a tag because the tag takes a lot of fumbling to insert

and a lot of The same to bring up the tag screen

and then you cant use any operators on it especially not even a checkbox where you can archive it

So am I missing the obvious here?
If you have a bunch of different silos and you want to pick something to do today from each silo

how would you quickly collect that list and quickly dispose of it

Thanks guys!

I’ve already tried making it today bookmark and then the problem is that it is not easy to mark something today, and then you can’t operate on the today list
I could create a tag named star or a tag name now or simply give it a date but my deed is not even showing up on Google calendar but let’s not get distracted

I don’t see any alternative to my desire for
a star button, and
a star list that I can check off

I use a Autohotkey script that converts the letters f followed by s into a :star:. I then search on :star: across my document and it pulls all the :star: into a list. I can then check them off as per normal once completed.

I propose using color. I have Ctrl-1 bound to red. I can search color:red to get all the red things. Ctrl-` to uncolor or Ctrl-Enter to complete.

Ah, on the desktop there is no problem.

It’s iOS where I need it on the go.

These are also available on ios. Put the icons on the bottom in a good order for you.

yes that is good!
only thing is that
in the search results for color:red

I can’t operate on the results

  1. I don’t see the ancestor of the item
  2. can’t check it off without leaving the search and drilling down to the item

the goal is to be easily able to star an item and then [easily] operate on the list of starred items

the color or label is fairly easy to do,
I’m going to try the hotkey into emoji now

the problem, for me, seems to be checking off the search results and actually seeing the tree structure of the search results _(=)_/

I can’t check off items in the Search results for “color:red”
I can’t archive them in the search results
I can’t change the label or color in the search results

and if the item that is color:red has been archived, it shows up in the results, but without a directory tree

I’m not sure why you said “it is not easy to mark something today”, there are only three keys you need to press Shift + ! + Enter to add today’s date in an item. And I would suggest you add a search link for until:0d on top of your list, so you can just click it and it will show everything schedule for today.


yes, I’ve been there.
So now I have the search results and I want to check them off.
That is the part that is awkward both on osx and iOS

you have to drill down to the item and then check it off
and then back to the bookmark to get back to the search results.

I still don’t see the way to
add or remove a “star” from items in different silos
so that you get an easy “star” silo
which you can then unstar or archive [check off]

but thanks!

Search “color:red”
Click on the text of that line (not the bullet)
ios: Click paint bucket, clear color.

You can also edit dates, tags or any other text, or checkboxes or checking them off. You don’t need to drill.

Also, if you do drill in, the back button gets you back to search results.

What is a silo? I hope you don’t mean separate documents, because in that case, none of this applies. These features only operate on simple search.

yeah that’s the main thing. Some of these are separate docs.
also, the three or four operations to star / unstar and archive from the star list are unwieldy.

the best trick that Dynalist does is the keyboard shortcuts where you can move items around in the hierarchy. The rest is… pretty good.

Might see what’s new in things and workflowy

Just popping in to say this headline makes no sense and the whole thread is a bit too word salad for my ADHD level to process lmao