A small UI tweak for Emoji-powered document icons

Okay, first things first: I’m stealing this idea straight from Wunderlist. Wunderlist has this nice little UI feature where, when your list title starts with an Emoji, the Emoji will be used as the list’s icon (instead of the standard “document” icon.)

Take a look at my current list of Dynalist documents:

With the described tweak applied, this list would now look like this:

Let’s make those damn emojis useful. :slight_smile:



Totally agree this would be very nice

Or like the way the App “Bear” Implemented with auto icon documents using names or tags in the header of an document

Yes, this please!

Mmmm, I like this

Thought about this very thing today, and just found it was suggested and well-described already.

This would be a nice addition! :bowing_man: