A phrase-express macro to instantly open local file links

Hello all,

Here’s another helpful macro that many (but hopefully not all) of you will probably have thought of yourselves:

Firstly to get the local file link: [Shift + Right click a file -> Copy as Path -> Paste this into Dynalist bullet / note]

Put cursor in said Dynalist bullet / note

Run the following phrase express macro (It uses the windows run function):

{#CTRL -chars a}{#CTRL -chars c}{#LWIN -chars r}{#CTRL -chars v}{#ENTER}

A voila!



PS. This works for folders as well as files


I binded this key to alt+O since its not used for anything, also, because ctrl+O is commonly used to “open” files.

i press alt+O with right hand fairly easily\


Also, I bind all my PDF manuals here. I prefer to view my long developer PDF documents locally since it loads faster when I scroll through pages, then opening a file on file attachment in dynalist or viewed in chrome, etc

so this comes in handy here


Nice idea, thanks @Stephen_Dewitt

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How about a Max OS X solution?

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Really wish it was easy to add links to local files!!)

For Mac, I combine with Dropbox. If you ctrl/right a file from Dropbox on your mac (possibly Windows too), you’ll be able to copy the web link. When you click the web link and are signed into Dropbox, there’s an option in Dropbox in the top right to open the file in Finder.

Or you could use a MAc app called Keyboard Maestro:

Step 1: Copy the local file path clicking on the file and then Keyboard Maestro shortcut:

And paste into Dyanlist
Step 2: Select file path in Dynalist and then Keyboard Maestro shortcut:

BTW - Dropbox, Keyboard Maestro and Dynalist are my fav apps on my Mac :slight_smile:

great idea, i hadnt thought of this at all, thanks

i just wrote up an autohotkey script that will do the same thing only it finds the first path and runs it.
this means you can have other text in the item or note before or after the file path or folder.

alt + c to get the selected file(s) from file explorer
alt + r to open the file or folder from within dynalist

if there is more than 1 file in a note then select the one you want before using the hotkey. it doesnt have to be selected exactly either, it just needs to be the first path that will be found

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Works great- but how would I get it to open a local folder - not a file/shortcut at a local path, but open in other words file explorer to a path I would specify in Dynalist?

It’s unstable on the desktop version, any idea why ?

i just realised you can launch local files (on the desktop version only) by putting them in a markdown link, ie [name](link_to_file)

was this always the case or is it just a recent thing?
anyway its not much use to me most times because if i have lots of links in a note they all turn to text once you click on the note to expand it

…which is why i made another autohotkey script that will display every url/folder/file in some text and show it in a menu

alt + L will show the menu
alt+shift + L will re-use the last menu

paths in your user folder can be added like this:
full paths can also have quotes on either side