A "Go Back" button for when clicking a link to another point

Here’s how it’d work:

  1. I click the link to a bullet point located elsewhere.
  2. I click the Go Back button
  3. It returns me to where I was before.

I guess it would require changing the pasted links to include the source of where they came from, making it sort of like a tracking feature. So the first time, it wouldn’t work, but then the link would be updated to work the next time.


Not sure if you’re aware that the Back button in the browser should work fine for this use case.

For the Windows app where no browser back/forward is available, we did add it at the top left corner.

Hope that helps!

It works, but it doesn’t return the user to the exact position as to where they were before. On all clients, it simply returns to the top of the page. The reason why I ask for this is because of documents that are lengthy and can be only collapsed so much (unless temporarily modified to collapse further), require some amount of scrolling.

So basically this feature is just efficiency overkill.

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We’ve gotten requests for preserving scroll position (we’ve actually tried to do it but had to revert it due to other bugs it’s causing).

Would that solve your problem? Thanks!

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Yes. Its better to live without, if it causes other bugs. Thank you for letting me know.

I think it’s not impossible though, we just have to be more careful.

The bug happened with an older version of Safari (now that iOS 10 is out), so it could resolve itself. We were never able to reproduce the bug on our end, so that’s another bothering thing.

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I’m really frustrated by this.
It makes dealing with complex lists or analysis very hard, and sort of kills usability.
I find myself constantly changing structures of documents in this brief time I’ve been using Dynalist.
Would really appreciate a feature implementation.

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