A colored number list cannot be edited

Steps to reproduce

Make the list

  1. B
  • b1
  1. C

Make the item 1.B have background “orange”

Open the list mobile
Click on 1.B

Expected result

Able to edit the item B

Actual result

Item B get expanded/collapsed



Additional comments

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Ok that’s weird. We’ll take a look at it!

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May I know the progress of solving this bug?

Just now I tested it again and find another observation. If my item is long enough such that it occupies two lines in my mobile phone, if I click on the second line, I can edit the item.

So it’s only when you tap on the first line it doesn’t work…?

Yes. There is a round-angled box flashes and it toggle the item expanded/collapsed, yet I can’t edit the item itself.

That’s just the icon on the right edge of the item, right? What about you tap on the left side?

Please see the above video for reference. ^^

Thanks for the video! Better than 1000 words :slight_smile:

This version looks rather old though; in the newer versions the collapse/expand should appear on the right end.

Could you please check the version of the app for me? Or go to Play Store and see if you could update it to 1.0.5 (released in Jan 25).


I updated and the problem still exist.

I don’t experience this problem on Android.

I looked through the thread again, and as I previously suggested, have you tried tapping a little to the left? There’s a button at the right and I think you triggered it. If you tap on the text you should be able to edit it.

Please refer to the video

Ahhh, I see, I saw “color list” but somehow missed the “numbered list” part. That should be the cause of the problem.

Also I noticed that the alignment of the icons look weird too. Will fix that as well.

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That was my fault. When I first discover the problem, it is a colored numbered list. I should have made a deeper investigation to boil down the problem before posting it here. Thanks for your help in solving this!

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Hi Chris, we’ve fixed the bug, and the fix will soon (in a few days) be released to the web version.

Thanks again for letting us know about this bug!

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Thanks! Erica.

Have you had a chance to verify the fix?

Yes. The problem is fixed. Thanks for your work!