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I tried screenpresso and its actually really nice, I decided that I will try snagit, anything on alternativeto.net that recommends similar items (shutter shot, faststone capture)

Ran all the tests, techsmith snagit has the best image editing (masks) & the best capturing features (Scroll captures are superior) with a higher learning curve, shareX has the lightest UI / fastest to edit / low resource usage, screenpresso is a hybrid of both (low learning curve), march 29th 2017


Thanks for your detailed reply/replies. I don’t find them weird, as you suggested they would be :slight_smile: In fact, many of your posts are really valuable. Just today I reread some of your setup posts.

Every share option you see in Snagit is, essentially, a plugin driving that option. So adding the imgur plugin does basically the same thing.

You can easily make presets and assign them hotkeys. Tip: even when you do not want to preview an image in the editor, the editor will open up until you disable “leave editor running in the background”.

I always have 3 presets: print screen (just to clipboard for pasting), ctrl print screen (open in editor), alt print screen (save to file).

Wonderful tool.



I always try to post whats in my head every few days somewhere, and it helps that its on a forum (and not on a wordpress blog , etc).

also I wrote out what my colorschemas are for notes as well (since I just finished writing this up too). CTRL+SHIFT+1,5,6 are all mapped to hotkeys “@! , @? , @zz” respectively, and activates the hotkeys. I picked. @zz stands for waiting on because I’m getting tired of waiting on someone else (ZZZZ sleeping), @! is something important to do or ongoing task, @? means I have a question with no answer and I need to go find one before assigning a physical task (its a research task basically). I have all of those colors in a search parameter that I occasionally look through and used the unique URL string into tabsnooze for chrome (global search on all my notes in document)

color:red OR color:purple OR color:blue

Last time I used it was like 3 years ago, and they massively made lots of great changes to the platform.

I didn’t give snagit enough time though, I only tried it out for 30 minutes (all I did was press a bunch of buttons at random basically). All software tends to behave the same on a UX level, and if you know how to use Adobe Illustrator + sharex, snagit should be fairly intuitive, but I realize that snagit has a higher learning curve


As for SingleFile, make sure you’ve scroll through the whole page so that everything has been loaded in the window.


hm I did do this, but for some reason, I cannot capture sub-reply items.

Right now I decided to just manually dump everything in a word doc folder for those replies that didn’t get copied, along with the SingleFile’s file, into a dated folder for reference


At some point in this thread you commented about keeping track of open tabs and so on.
It’s been a big problem for me as well. Clogging up the system and so on. Not to mention, some accidental closes or crashes that lost me an s-load of open tabs with open tasks.

Especially when I search/research a lot, I use many tabs.

You mentioned a few tab management tools. I don’t think you mentioned Tabs Outliner. I have tried several, and I have found this to be far beyond anything else.
It’s like a swiss knife that can do many things (hence, a little bit of a learning curve at first) - but now can’t think of not using it.
It is so easy to have a large hierarchy open, then close it when you leave it, and bring it out again whenever.

Also, the tool can be used not only for “archiving” but also as a replacement for your general bookmark manager if you want. As in, keeping lists of tabs you use regularly.
Highly recommended.

Anyway, just throwing it in there since I can see you love tools for every part of your workflow.


I have tried this, this application originally stemmed from Firefox’s vertical tree tabs. Chrome never implemented anything like this, I also did spend a lot of time researching this tool in the past, since it was really the only thing chrome had going for it.

I ended up scrapping it since I need valuable real estate on my screen, and this was just another thing I have to look at.

What your describing is basically an approach to WATERFALL PROJECT MANAGEMENT vs. AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT

I tend to be really freeflow with my tabs, I drag things around, order them, tab bookmarks at random , close and open, etc. I log important bookmarks in my daily bullet journal instead in dynalist if I’m researching something I don’t know, this style is more AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT

I will give this a shot, but I really like my chrome bookmark since i can see it all the time.


The link you’ve provided, unless I’m mistaken, doesn’t appear to have that product.

Is this it? https://www.amazon.com/Webcam-Cover-STRONGER-ADHESIVE-Smartphones/dp/B01C50ZDIQ/


okay here’s a long post explanation

That’s a similar link, there’s current 2 types of those sliding front cam:

  • The one you linked there is a magnetic based metal one, which I have not tried

  • the one I use is a hard plastic sliding door like action:

I did alot of research, the magnetic ones you reference potentially fall off. The hard plastic ones I use do not. I suggest using the ones i linked here, those are verbatim what I ordered ( 3pack). The cam does occassionally slide as I pull my pocket out, but that is expected.


Perhaps you should make a Dynalist for it, and then link to the headers in a post. :slight_smile:

Also, thank you for distinguishing between the magnetic and adhesive covers!


i was going to do this later, just not now, for a sample template of what my entire one document flow is (with sample and dummy data, maybe like 25% of my nonsensitive data) and then maybe make a youtube video explanation out of it

just not now though


There you go, I thought you were much more of a fixed structure afficionado :slight_smile: . Maybe I got that impression from your talk about making SOPs for everything you do.

Maybe you will be a client for the new Opera Neon browser concept - where everything is much more fluid. (Haven’t tried myself though).

I agree that it can be a bit heavy if having to manage all of it.
A lot of the “fly by” stuff doesn’t need to go into that tree. (Although it is not too hard to clean up or spread out - since subtrees can moved out with drag-drop or copy/cut-pase.).

Your “daily bullet journal” can take a lot of the fly-by stuff of course. Or so it sounds. I am curious how you are using that concept?


Anyways, when it comes to logging in notes on dynalist, there needs to be a designated “Idk where this note goes” section, but still inherently organized at the same time

Since I cannot be sure how I want to organize this, planning this ahead of time seems silly

So I organize it instead by days, since its a fixed parameter, and will never change. Its sorted by this hierarchy:

✪ weeks
✪✪ Days
✪✪✪ Tag
✪✪✪✪ Notes