2021 September update

Full update: https://blog.dynalist.io/2021-september-update/


Hello @Erica
Can you please tell a bit more about this upgrade on the underlying engine?

I believe it is responsible for the next item added - Lower memory usage and faster performance. But what else or what exactly should we expect from that?

Is there anything this will improve on UX/UI later on?

Thanks a lot!

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@Erica, have you essentially ceased development of the product? Is there a roadmap with a meaningful commitment to adding features? This is yet another maintenance-only update.

I left Workflowy because the product was static and not iterating, and now DL seems like it’s exactly in the same boat. I’d like to understand what my Pro membership is paying for, if it’s not for continuing to add the many open features we’re asking for as a userbase.


Personally I pay for Pro for:

  • Capture to inbox (via android widget, email, browser button, and Google Assistant)
  • Upload files
  • Google Calendar sync
  • Custom hotkeys
  • Version history & dropbox backups
  • Move item (I think it’s pro too?)

They invented dynalist, which took years of university schooling and talent, and now they’re earning a bit of money from users, minus their monthly infrastructure costs. I think that’s ethical. I wasn’t under the impression that I was paying for future features. Do I pay monthly for Spotify with the expectation that Taylor Swift will have a new album on it next year? Not really. One can always wait for the future features, then start paying after they are released, if one doesn’t think the current ones are worth paying for. Workflowy is extremely lacking still imo, I don’t think they offer any of the features in my list. Their new features (panes, clone nodes, whatever) are neato for a day but ultimately not very useful. I can always use BetterSnapTool to “pane” chrome windows. And the others, Logseq, Moodoo, they just aren’t as good as Dynalist imo.


I’m very satisfied with the service “as is”. Of course we all like to see some improvements here and there once in a while, but we should never forget that keeping the cloud servers running and all services in balance is very costy.

I have two accounts, one with a Pro membership and one without it. And if depends on me, I will not stop paying for it, regardless of the major updates not being so frequent anymore. Dynalist provides a great service, well worth the cost, in my opinion.


I don’t think the analogy between Spotify and Dynalist should be used here. I also pay for YouTube Premium, and I don’t expect them to add new features often, but I do expect millions of YouTuber to upload new content every day. But I made my peace with Dynalist and will keep paying until I find something better.


You can always test it yourself if you really wanted to, and if you really cared


Wonder if users are like this in all the forums. Evernote, etc. They likely are honestly, complaining about something. But, so much clutter (maybe) about on this forum instead of worthwhile info.

Why should anything have feature updates? Any updates including security qualifies as updates. Does amazingly great Microsoft Sway (which I don’t use) even have any updates for an eternity? This topic is all user-choice.

Does a user get more value from using said item/product relative to a sub on Twitch to a streamer? Well, that all depends on the user ofc. This is not an interesting topic to me.

To answer your initial question of “Why should anything have feature updates?” with regards to Dynalist:

Part of the answer is “Because the developers of Dynalist have asked people what features they would like to see”, and have forums titled

“Features (Suggest and talk about yet-to-be-implemented features here)”

…and they have asked in the past for features users would like to see.

Another part of the answer would be the online Dynalist Trello Roadmap of New Feature Candidates, Older Feature Candidates, Top Feature Candidates, Planned Features, In Progress Features.

Now, if someone from Dynalist was to publicly post on the product web page “We’ve decided to freeze the Dynalist code as “feature locked” and will only be making bug fixes, i.e. there will be no new features (for whatever reasons we deem important)” then we wouldn’t have a leg to stand on regarding the complaints about lacking features and remove the ‘suggestions for new features’ stuff. Afterwards, if someone posts a request about a potential new feature, remind them that the product is locked and you have no intentions of adding it for the foreseeable future. Yes, I’m aware of the problems a statement like this causes for marketing and future sales, but if you don’t, the requests will continue to come in and progress on them will be expected.


Obviously I like the service, otherwise I wouldn’t be a paying member, as indicated by my Pro badge. And being a paying customer is exactly what gives me the right to demand further features that I need and expect from a product, and not just server upkeep and basic security maintenance, which apparently several of you are fine with settling for.

As @Sam_marrocco said, a product shouldn’t be considered defunct or feature frozen without any such formal announcement. You’re all welcome to state your preference for your product as-is, but I don’t appreciate attempts to shut down attempts to improve my product experience.

Unsurprisingly, as a former software developer and UI designer, I also have strong opinions about Spotify, and no, I would not be satisfied for them to keep the current feature set in perpetuity. In fact, they recently redesigned major parts of the UI, which regressed the experience for me. You can be sure I’m going to continue to be vocal on how much that redesign sucks and how Spotify should not forget my experience as an album listener, but those details are for another forum.

As for @timers

You can always test it yourself if you really wanted to, and if you really cared

Why did you come in to this forum just to be rude and insulting?

This is not an interesting topic to me.

Then feel free to not participate in it further?


The topic about lack of new features was well discussed months ago here: No monthly blog update since November. Are the team ok?.

Dynalist developers took the decision to focus on Obsidian, and I took mine, not to wait any longer and move to Workflowy, and use their classy mirror functionality.

Months later I don’t regret it. I loved Dynalist and I’m still following their announcements, as much as I’m interested on outliners and productivity software.


In my view, the lack of Dynalist development is typical of a small, small team/company. I’ve seen it time again: small team builds great product A; small team expands to Product B and no longer has time for Product A. Stick with well-established products that have been around for a long time. I happened to just check in here but stopped using Dynalist a long time ago.

What did you move to and why do you like it better?

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I’ve used both and find the thinking and features of workflowy really interesting. I’ve got to say though that when the chips are down and I’m getting busy and don’t have much brain space, trying to use those features of workflowy suddenly is another bit of friction. Dynalist really does just work, the layout, the shortcut keys which are embedded in my head, all of that. So just saying, while the geek in me thinks what workflowy is doing is great, there’s something about Dynalist that just works and that my brain is happier with when it’s busy. @Erica I do hope Dynalist keeps going, it’s a great tool that has stayed on my laptop and phone for years and years now.


I’ve never been much of an outliner user, but I’m having another go. afaics Dynalist is very functional as is. Yes there are features that can be added but they seem to fall into the nice to have class rather than essential. Comparing it to Workflowy, each seems to have advantages and I find it tending more to Dynalist, mostly because it uses some markdown syntax.

My biggest observation is that there’s no obvious reason for me to pay for either of them. The important features of Dynalist are available in the free version; Workflowy has most features in the free version and I’m never going to hit it’s bullet limit. Of course, it could be very different if I were a very active user, heavily into task management and productivity, but I’m not. This is perturbing. The web storage and sync isn’t free, even without considering developers’ time. If the balance between paying users and free users shifts in the wrong direction , the future becomes hazer. I hope it’s in a good place, but do feel I’m being offered a lot for nothing at all. otoh, a decent length free offer is important to pull me in to anything - it takes me at least a year to test things out.