2021 February update

Full update: https://blog.dynalist.io/2021-february-update/


Yeah! Thank you!

" * Now internal links will be auto-updated and continue to work when you drag and drop or use Item Mover."

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


our dev team has been pretty swamped with Obsidian and personal matters. We’ll try to resume our monthly updates from now on!

I’m glad to hear monthly updates are back, and I hope everything is OK with personal matters, but does that mean that DL development pace will also pick up, not just the small updates? Luckily it’s already a really good product, and but I’ve been missing the feature iteration that used to be. A lot of low hanging fruit still seem like haven’t been handled.

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When do these updates reach the desktop app? I want to bind Ctrl-D to insert date and Ctrl-R to Replace in selection immediately!