2020 May update (Public sharing improvements)

Full update: https://blog.dynalist.io/2020-may-update/


A little disappointing. Two bug fixes and improving a feature I never use.

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Awesome. I really needed this feature. Sorry Allan.

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Any progress is good progress, but agreed that this is pretty light for a supposed month of updates. You can tell more focus went towards another product instead of this one that we’re actively using and many of us paying for. Unless there was a lot more progress on something DL-related not yet ready for release.

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I’m not jealous of the Dynalist team giving attention to their new baby. Infact, I really appreciate a month with a classy enhancement and fixes to consolidate Dynalist more and more. I’d not like new features just because there must be some.

Yes, I’d like some new features like split screen and transclusions, yet I pay Dynalist to support the development team, not to be wowed any given month!


I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long time, so I appreciate it’s apparently here, although in an elementary form to start with.

(I would welcome if it were possible to specify for each item in a list whether it should appear as collapsed or expanded when shared publicly. Right now, it’s either “collapse everything”, or “expand everything” – nothing in between. It’s good to have at least this one option, but it’s not quite there yet. It’s very nice to be able to specify the color theme when sharing, though!)

However, @Erica, the trouble is that the new feature still isn’t working for me. Even when I check the “Share as collapsed” option and I can see that the sharing link contains this instruction, when I launch an incognito browser window in Chrome and paste the link there, the list is still displayed as completely expanded, just like before. I also tried other browsers, and still everything is publicly shared as fully expanded every time. Theme switching does work via the public sharing link, but collapse/expand everything does not work for me as yet. Thank you for any help with this!

PS: Getting rid of that pesky Chrome window asking you to save your password when moving an item is a nice touch! Although that, too, has just happened to me again, though not when I was moving anything. Not sure what exactly I was doing at the moment, but there it was – Chrome again asked me if I wish to store my password. Chrome is definitely weird sometimes. :wink:

i dont share documents much but i would class this as an important feature to have. if youre sharing a huge list with someone who has never even seen an outliner before it is probably quite jarring for them to have it start off expanded