2020 June update (Backlink, new theme and font)

That doesn’t work for Dynalist, unfortunately. Dynalist tracks items and documents by id, not title. Consequently you can have documents of duplicate names in Dynalist but not Roam Research.

Would hate such setup getting buried under an announcement post. Maybe you can share it in Share & Showcase when you have time? :smiley:

It will be available on the desktop app and Android app very soon (in fact we just did some fixes for backlinks, so that the desktop apps don’t need to be updated twice). iOS will come later – Apple has rolled out some new policies that we need to comply to, sigh… :pensive:

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Good point, will be fixed in the next web release.

Will be fixed in the next web release.

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Aww thanks yea maybe once I’ve lived with and refined it for a while :slight_smile:

I’m an Android and Linux desktop user so that’s great news. Hopefully you’ll be able to roll out to iOS soon.

@erica Great stuff. thanks for making this move. Not sure it will save me dynalist life, but it breathes hope into the picture.

Just love your editor. Did anyone mention open-sourcing it? ::wink::

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Clearly. Please pay attention to this offer. Expand the function of move to

The back linking is very nice. I stumbled across it by accident the other day. Like, wait a minute, we can do this? :slight_smile:

I would particularly like to use it to connect tasks to projects since I don’t do that now. I have a page of say @Computer tasks and then a separate Projects list. Just how I opted to set GTD up.

So, when I link a task to the related project, the back link in the task takes me to the project in the project list. But it then doesn link back to the taks in the project note. Am I missing something?


That’s a good point. I like Dynalist’s flexibility in allowing multiple nodes with the same name.

Perhaps one way to implement unlinked mentions would be to display the list all nodes that contain the full text of the zoomed-in node. This would accomplish the purpose of unlinked mentions (what nodes mention this one?) without needing to force nodes to have unique names.

A problem with your approach, at least in dynalist, is that you cannot build intersection filters (and).

If you use tags, you can create a filter for item that are both #athome #highpriority

How do you do that with pages?

Great update. In terms of backlinks, it would be nice to view more characters in the breadcrumb below each item returned as a reference. The nodes aren’t limited by character length, so why breadcrumbs?

This would be an incentive for users to add more notes under more folders, rather than a flat system which may run into performance issues.

Back-link feedback: It would also be nice if the ‘No back-links found’ would not appear in the print version of the document. Tbh I will also probably never want to print the back-links anyways even if there are any.

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.flat-search-breadcrumb-item {
max-width: 350px;
word-wrap: normal;
font-size: 70%;

I’ve applied this in the custom CSS, though I’m expecting from the class name this will also affect the flat search results page

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Thank you, Stuart. Works great.

Well, I know what you mean, however because I use unique emojis to indicate contexts I can just do a search for the emoji like with tags (before I started playing with pages I was just using emojis, not tags, and used searches regularly). At the moment that would be a bit annoying because of the length of the links - the long links is the biggest limitation for me, I think roam doesn’t have this problem.

Aside from this, the page is just a bonus. For example you could have the page’s title be a tag (e.g. have a #athome page), then every linked item would automatically have both that tag and a link to the page … Again just the link lengths in searches would be the annoyance.

Of course roam automatically makes tags into pages, I suppose what I’m suggesting here is that you could manually make all your tags a page (or the ones where it’s useful to have that additional feature that pages bring bolted on).

Edit the next day: Actually I just noticed than when you run a search e.g. for ▸💻 in my example, the search shows the unexpanded link e.g.


So that works just as well as tags and you could do intersectional searches no problem e.g.



Should be fixed now.


@Erica Thanks for the Backlinks in the desktop version :slight_smile: Nice.

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I think automatically making each tag into an editable page would be quite doable in dynalist and would improve functionality a lot. that actually sounds like a good idea to me- then eventually we could move away from tags altogether and just use pages with backlinks instead.

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Mmm, obsidian has a default place where new attachments go, there could be a place for tag pages like that