2020 January update (Email to Dynalist)

Full update: https://blog.dynalist.io/2020-january-update/


I like the very simple method for showing references. It offers an effective response to the Roam discussion without changing the basic functions of Dynalist.


Show All References. How would I even know which items have references I might want to check? It looks like I pick something i suspect, click the menu, and click the option to see.

Yes, that’s how it currently is. It’s more like a search shortcut (instead of “get link” and then search it yourself) than an indicator for whether each item has references and how many do they have.

Quoting the blog post:

We’re aware that this option still requires some work before you can see “what links here”. We plan to add an area for backlinks under the currently zoomed-in item, so you don’t have to leave your current context (it will need to be turned on with an option).

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Is the show references feature available on desktop?

It would be nice to be able to see references to any item in a document, not just a single item. This is because at a certain document size it will become difficult to use effectively.

Hi, good to hear!

I’m noticing the Mac desktop version is not updated yet: how does it work, is there usually some delay between the web and the desktop version?

On the web version, the What’s New box is empty, even if I see the new Inbox Mail Address feature.

Where can I check for Dynalist version?

Thank you!

Thanks guys, some great stuff in here!

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Very soon!

Yes, desktop app updates require everyone to download a bundle, so we try to make sure the web version is stable without any critical bugs before rolling it out to desktop and mobile.

You can do that in main menu (menu icon at the top right corner) - About in the desktop app.

I hope that helps!

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Desktop app update (1.3.1) is out! Cheers!

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