2019 September update (Archive document)

Full update: https://blog.dynalist.io/2019-september-update/


Archive… YESSSSSS! :tada::partying_face::heart_eyes:

Dear Erica
Thank you for updating.

What is the big project?
I am so excited. :rofl:

Could you tell us more about it, please ?

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Same. Intrigued!! :male_detective:

Let’s hope it involves search & replace, and dual-screen functionality. :heart_eyes: :pray:t3: :pray:t3:


Awesome, thanks for archive guys, very cool! Also very happy about the expand collapse scroll bug fix on mobile.


I really want to tell you guys, but at this point it’s a big experiment, and by the next month update we should know better if we can pull it off or not.

If things are looking good a month later, we’ll tell you guys about it. Right now, we just don’t want to get the hopes too high, in case the proof of concept doesn’t work in the end.

Sorry about that! Not trying to hype things up :sweat_smile:

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The big project is little hats you can collect and put on items, and trade with other users.


I like the archive option. It did annoy me to have stuff I didn’t want to show in search.

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The big project is little hats you can collect and put on items, and trade with other users.

If it’s not on the Trello roadmap it isn’t going in. Sorry. :wink:

WYSIWYG and Markup both together

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To me a pretty nice project would be the 2FA implementation, whether using a third-party service or an internal one.

Having more security with our sensitive data is extremely important. These days we cannot rely anymore on having only an username and password authentication. Even with strong passwords, I feel not safe enough with this approach. I know 2FA is on their roadmap and, although I don’t consider it to be a big project, it would be incredibly benefic.

Archiving is not in the Mac standalone app – will it be added?

Yes, it will come in the next release.

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It’s released! Restart the app and you should see it.

:+1: Thanks

Love it, but I have a question @Erica :

If someone shares their document with me, so that I see it on my sidebar, can I archive it? Or will it archive it for them too? I don’t want to test it out, because they will be annoyed if it does archive it for them too. But it would be nice to not see it in my search.

It affects you and only you. So you can archive documents without affect any of your collaborators.

While you are there, is there a way of moving items to an archived document? It doesn’t show up on the move dialogue. That seems to be the most direct way of archiving items.

The whole point of archived document is that they aren’t in computer memory and thus don’t show up in search results. Not showing up in search results is both a feature and a consequence of it not existing in memory. So unfortunately I don’t think directly sending an item to an archived document is possible, unless we want to consider loading several MBs of data into memory the moment you trigger Move To.

As a workaround, you could have an intermediate document that holds items to archive in the current month/year, and then when the time is right, you either archive that document or cut and paste into an existing archived document.

I hope that helps!