2019 August update (Swipe item and reorder files on mobile)

Full update: August update | The Dynalist Blog



Dear Erica,
Thank you for your updating.
It is very useful for me because I sometime tap bullet by mistake and zoom into the item when I try to tap check box to check off.
It was very aggravate.
I don’t have this angor any more.:grin:

But , on the other hand, I feel another strangeness.
I can’t zoom into the item by tapping on the bullet as before.

Until now, if I tap just on the bullet I can zoom into the item, but now I can’t zoom into the item unless I tap slightly to the right of the bullet.
On mobile app, I can zoom into the item by tapping just on the bullet as before.

Can you feel this strangeness ?
Is this strangeness related to this update ?

I think you’re right. There does seem to be an issue. Are you using a browser on ios?

I have no problem with my Android phone - works as expected.

On my ipad, on both Chrome and Safari, there are problems.

  1. Swipe gestures initially don’t work.
  2. Tapping bullet doesn’t zoom but puts a highlight around the bullet.
  3. After doing that, the swipe gestures start to work but the only way to zoom is tapping slightly to the right of the bullet or via the pop up menu.

Erica, can you reproduce?

Haha same - this is very cool but also can’t zoom in by bullet on mobile web.

Also HATE to be the guy who asks for more when he gets something cool, but customisable at some point would be (even more) awesome - I would drool so much if I could do move instead of complete for right swipe :slight_smile: x

Thanks for this!

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It’s fixed and will be released later today, thanks so much for letting us know!


Working fine for me now. Thanks for the prompt fix. :+1:

btw only used the webapp on mobile to have a quick look at the swipe gestures. Noticed that there is a misalignment of icon and text in the side pane. Is this a bug (occurs in all browsers, ios and android)?

Yep, I have a fix ready and it’ll go out with more bugfixes soon.

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Dear, Erica
Thank you for your prompt adjustment.
I also confirmed that it was fixed.

Thanks :grin:

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Can we make the swipe feature optional through settings?

I don’t want to update the android app because of it :confused:

Are you worried about accidentally triggering it? I haven’t had this happen once so far, the movement has to be pretty horizontal.

No, it’s not optional right now.

What are your concerns? Accidental swipes? You can try it on the mobile web (use Chrome on Android and go to our website) and see if you have issues with it.