2019/06/01 migration is complete

Dynalist has now migrated away from DigitalOcean on its own dedicated server. Everything is looking good after the migration!

Let us know if you notice anything different.

Just out of curiosity, did you guys move over to a different cloud provider, or maybe a colo facility (since you mentioned a dedicated server)? Is there still a backup in a different region?

Thanks for such a speedy migration!

We’ve purchased dedicated servers in Dallas TX, which are powering Dynalist right now. A rolling backup is setup in Toronto, Canada, from a different service provider.


All good here. Hopefully, the new arrangement will prove more resilient. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks again for the prompt action you’ve taken and for keeping users fully informed along the way.

Digital Marketers talk about moving customers on a path from Knowing to Liking to Trusting a brand. For me, you’ve definitely moved into Trust territory :clap: