What features would make the Pro plan more lucrative?


Love this sugesstion


ive been using it on chrome since i started with lastpass. it was so long ago now that i was having trouble with those types of logins that i cant remember what the problem was exactly, but it think it was something to do with url not matching.

i havnt warmed up to that name yet :smiley:


I know this is a super old thread, but having just recently been a victim of a data breach from another cloud-based product that I use, I’m extremely interested in this feature. I’d willingly pay a substantial premium (on top of Pro) in order to keep my data out of the cloud and still use Dynalist. Is there any hope of this being a reality anytime soon? (Like, within the next year or so?)


Here’s a card on our roadmap that you can vote for: https://trello.com/c/46l658SA/146-pro-true-offline-mode

Within the next year… that’s possible, but no guarantee. Technical issues left aside, we’re a little concerned that data corruption would happen eventually, and because it’s not on the cloud, there’s not much we can help.

We have heard about quite some cases like these – for some reason the Dynalist folder gets modified into a state that Dynalist can’t parse them. I suspect it could be things like anti-virus or storage management software, but we can’t tell yet. Anyway, in unfortunate cases like this, we tell the users to delete their local and pull a fresh copy from the cloud, which will work wonderfully. This trick won’t work for a truly offline client.

I understand you want it. Just thinking we need to convey this risk properly, which is a challenge. People often don’t realize how bad it would be before running into situations like this… when your entire Dynalist becomes unreadable :frowning:.

Still, I like the idea, and it seems to be the trend nowadays.


Thanks for the response, Erica.


While indeed this is an old thread, it might be a good way to check what Pro user would want the most. For me such a list would be as follows:

  • More powerful editor - there are some things that editor is lacking to make it more productive
  • More short-cuts available, better efficiency in often-done tasks (there are good short-cuts already present, but they are not enough)
  • New presentation layout - API discussion in progress, I know :slight_smile:
  • Recurring tasks - it’s just a must-have for day to day planning using Dynalist.
  • Tip of the day for advanced users - there isn’t much need to show how to do basic stuff. But I really like to know how to use Dynalist more efficiently (or perhaps several articles in your FAQ would do the trick?)
  • Range and progress presentation - I’ve already suggested it and it might be only personal thing, but it is Great to see the full progress bar on some difficult and long project filled.

Also I’d like to add one thing that should NOT be in Pro features. Currently popup dialog with notifications about date/time of the tasks is only available in Pro through Google Calendar. But truth be told, even in basic Dynalist there should be a simple popup with reminder when the time for a task is coming. A lot of basic and free organizing/note-making/workflow applications have that feature. And I checked a lot of them until was able to find Dynalist. Not having it makes Dynalist look… lacking where it really shouldn’t. So it would be:

  • Dynalist - basic popup without GCal integration or nice additional features that are to come.
  • Dynalist Pro - full integration with additional features.



Instead of having True Offline Mode, could we have it for some documents, with an option to set a folder (on the local disk) to save the contents to? Would that make it easier to implement?


I think that’s basically what True Offline Mode entails :slight_smile: