Web "Read Only" Mode


Could we have a clean Read-Only mode for the web please; for example, a way to add something e.g “?demo” to the end of the url to made it read-only. This’ll make it possible to view clean pages while you are logged in yo your own account.

Could help with:

  • Using Dynalist as a bookmark page
  • As a start page in Chrome



I know it’s not the same but as a workaround, you can make the chrome window into mobile size, hit the lock button and maximize the window. You’ll be unable to edit anything.

Edit: as dynalist does have a html export option, some manual fiddling, some CSS and should be able to make something.


you can make the chrome window into mobile size

@Subhinay Thanks, how can I do this?


Drag the chrome window to that size.


Another idea is use Chrome’s “Save as PDF” function in print, and the best part is you can open it with Chrome just by drag and drop.


I want to add a note here. I use this more and more on the mobile platform (During meetings or presentations to prevent keyboard from appearing) and I often find myself wanting it in the web UI. Why? Sometimes I am just reviewing notes and don’t want an edit mode.


@Chris_Kunicki Very true.

It could be frustrating to read or navigate when you make use of heavy markdown, while we are waiting for the promised WYSiWYG mode, we could do with a read-only mode on the web.

I wonder if this is technically challenging, or not a highly requested feature, not enough to warrant a comment from the creators.

However, we’ve come a long way from the featureless Workflowy and I continue to love Dynalist nonetheless.


Yes we have come a long way and the developers and support staff are really doing wonderful work. I am sure its difficult to balance new features, stability and of course making a profit as a small company.

We need to help them get more users so that they can afford to continue to build out staff (and keep the ones they have).

I think once they have an API along with the ability to do custom CSS, many of our needs will be easy to address without putting pressure on them.