No way to escape backticks



Steps to reproduce

I wanted the following Bash code in code blocks:


I tried the following:

`me=`whoami` `
```x=`whoami` ```
`me=\`whoami\` `

Expected result

I expected to see the code block:


Actual result

Instead of the expected result, what happened?



OS: Linux
Browser: Firefox


Also reproducible on Mac/Google Chrome.


Confirmed; there’s no way to escape with Markdown right now on Dynalist.

Honestly I’m not sure if we’re going to add escaping or just wait for WYSIWYG, since WYSIWYG is going to make the entire current formatting system obsolete.

@Shida, how much work would this be? What do you think?


Not sure, we can try to patch it this time, but I think WYSIWYG might take some time. It’ll depend on how much this is needed ATM.


I don’t think it’s that urgent, but it would be nice to have if it’s low hanging fruit.

Your thoughts, @LinuxLefty?


cant wait to WYSIWYG :clap::heart:


Update: you can use \ to escape things now, cheers! Available in latest version on web, other platforms will follow soon.


Does this work for anyone?


gives me
instead of



Yeah, that’s the case. The backspace is contained between the two backticks.

Did you expect something different?


I expected the backslash to escape the following backtick, so the rendered code block would just show a single backtick. In my example above, nothing is escaped (as shown in the second code line): Only the backslash is inside the code block, followed by a single plain text backtick.


+@Shida could you take a look at this escape character issue?


Will take a look.