Iphone tilt screen


Steps to reproduce

Tap an item, bringing up the keyboard. Turn the phone sideways. The dynalist area is not properly adjusted for the new screen proportions. Turn off the keyboard. It’s worse: Large white areas. Tilt the screen back. Still a problem.

Expected result

Should fill the screen.

Actual result


Iphone 8 ap


I wasn’t able to repro with iOS 11.2.6.

Could you tell me your iOS version?

Also are you using the iOS app or the web version on Safari?


11.2.6. I have the app. There’s a bunch of blinking of the whole screen as i go through the process. Results are not always the same. Try with a really long section.


Sorry for the late reply!

Do you mind sending some screenshots, please?

I tried a long item (I guessed that’s what you meant by “long section”). When in landscape mode, the content area is barely visible because of the size of the keyboard, but there was no large white area problem, so I guess I’m not seeing your issue.

A screenshot would explain the problem a lot better.


Seems to be fixed. Good work!