How to escape tag characters (@, #)?


I sometimes write lines where I use the @ and # characters, but don’t want them to be treated as tags.

For example:

  • Wake up @7:00AM
  • Phone number: 999-888-7777 #1234

Is there a way to escape the tag characters, similarly to how its done for Markdown characters with , to prevent tags from being created?


At long as there’s no space before the @ or #, the tag won’t be created. So you can prepend a \ as well if that works for your preference.


Adding the \ does prevent tags from being created, but when you look at the line, it adds visual pollution. I guess this would be a feature request, but wouldn’t it be possible to treat the escaping of tag characters similarly to how it was done for Markdown ones?


Ah, you mean escaping in Markdown in general, not escaping Markdown in Dynalist, I see.

In that case you should definitely post a new feature request and see if others echo the same problem!