Have lost ability to cancel filter using Esc key



Steps to reproduce

  • Start a search with Cmd-F, type in query, Enter to filter items
  • Hit Esc to clear the filter and return to full item list, but doesn’t happen

Expected / Actual result

I expect to clear filter with Esc, but instead it toggles whether the currently highlighted item is shown in MD or fully rendered. But even if the focus is in the filter textbox, Esc still does nothing.


Firefox 59.0.1 macOS 10.13
Also occurs in desktop app 1.0.3

Additional Comments

I feel like this must’ve been broken by recent changes. Is it a regression from how keys are handled by filter textbox, or something else?


New feature, using Esc to deactivate the current item, is conflicting with this old feature.


Oh, that’s explanation then. Please tell me there’s a preference for this? It’s driving me crazy. I filter all the time, but couldn’t care less about escaping current item’s edit focus.


Sorry, it’s unexpected and will be fixed very soon. Sorry about that!


@Alex_Pasternak @Alan: This should be fixed in the latest versions (please refresh/reload the app to update), could you please confirm when you have time? Thanks in advance!


Well it partially works, from my perspective. Esc cancels filter if your focus is in the filter textbox, but it still just toggles edit status of the item if you’ve clicked out and are on an item. Typically after you look for some items, you’re not going to stay in the filter textbox, unless you were just looking something up.

The typical filter workflow for me is to filter, do something with the item, and close the filter. For this, Esc is still not working correctly. I was hoping the fix logic would be: Esc -> Am I in a filter? -> If yes, cancel it -> Otherwise, toggle item edit render. Was that deliberately not done?

For items that don’t even have any MD markup, plain text ones, it looks particularly bad. Your cursor is there on the item, a filter is in effect, you keep mashing Esc and nothing even appears to happen.


I think the behavior of Esc regarding search has been restored, but it’s slightly modified to accommodate a new feature. That is, when you’re focusing on the search box, search is canceled. If you’re focusing on some other item, you’ll need to first Ctrl+F to go the search box and then Esc again.

What about the opposite: “Esc -> am I editing an item? -> If yes, blur it -> Otherwise, if searching, cancel search”.

It seems more intuitive this way. When your cursor is on an item, Esc seems like it should blur that part first.


May I propose Esc (unfocus) Esc (cancel search) to get out of search if you are focused on an item?


Yeah, that’s what I proposed above too:


@Erica, I agree, that is better, and more context-specific that way. I would 100% support this, and consider this the full resolution for the current behavior.


Agreed, I’d like that behavior too.


@Craig_Oliver @Alex_Pasternak: got it! Will update here when it’s done.