Clip To Dynalist Chrome Extension


Thanks for that… familiar with the first, don’t recall seeing the second.

My design goal is avoid any intermediate menus. So if a user wants to clip multiple tabs, they just select them by either Ctrl+ or Shft+ clicking on tabs in the tab bar. Then a single activation copies and goes. Looks like both can do that (with the proper settings) minus the go to DL part.


Also I found that program I wanted to write, well it already exists in marketplace (Text manipulation). Minus the clipboard part though

I think I might write my own version of this program using autohotkey or something


Ha ha. This sounds like me as well!

I use Vimium, AutoHotkey, and also StrokesPlus for mouse gestures. Combining AutoHotkey and StrokesPlus gives you another level of flexibility in automation and also cuts down on the number of hot key combinations you have to remember. My main AutoHotkey script is approaching 1700 lines of code and needs a serious overhaul :grimacing:


well you got my interest now, I’m super curious what your autohotkey script looks like now lol

I tried vimium but I tend to manually click a lot of things still, like the “go back a page, or go forward a page”. I don’t even use my mouse back+forward keys to do this either I don’t think I will ever break this habit, even though its inefficient. The reason I do this is because sometimes I accidentally go back a page when I’m working on a super long forum post and I lose all my data

Vimium might be something i eventually progress too but for now I’m going just use it for general ideas for macros.

StrokePlus, wow this program is super awesome! Watched this video Some really I think of this video game called “Okami” when I first look at this programŌkami . Some of the gestures reminded me of it (Figure 8). Like a spiral would make a whirly wind effect in the game

I currently only have one unique program in autohotkey that phrase-express can’t do.

Sometimes I need a border for my gif. Here’s my little autohotkey program in action Press F1 to turn off and on border

Example of a bordered gif

Also checkout Tom Scott’s “Bodging” with autohotkey, I love following this guy, always some interesting topics. I just realized autohotkey is a windows only thing, not Linux or MacOS, pcmasterrace I guess

also have you used “FAST KEYS” before? is that any good as a GUI wrapper for autohotkey (similar to phrase-express, but more customizable)? the problem I have with autohotkey is that it takes me way too long to write and modify scripts

check out the guys youtube videos for more ideas (I found his video on the StrokePlus page)


Thanks for the links and references Vincent. I’ll be checking them out.

My AutoHotkey script
You don’t want to look in there! Lots of duplication and redundancy. It’s like any code I suppose, apart from the obvious debugging it needs to be “weeded” at regular intervals.

AutoHotkey/Phrase Express/FastKeys
I have been using AutoHotkey for a good while now so haven’t tried Phrase Express (heard of) or FastKeys (haven’t heard of). I’m really in favour, though, of any software which makes automation easy. AutoHotkey is so powerful but it has suffered from a lack of accessibility, poor training resources, script kiddies, and an internecine community. The only point I would make is that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing - even if you only use it as a text replacement tool, for example, it’s very easy and very useful.

With Vimium it’s the on-page link navigation I find the most useful (f key). It works well with Dynalist, especially for long lists. I’d encourage other Dynalist users to try it. I didn’t bother with Workflowy because esc took you to seach rather than just out of edit mode.

Yes, it’s a great program. Active development seems to have stalled but I’m not sure I need anything more from it. It felt like I was in Minority Report when I first started using it! Particularly, when I used a mouse gesture to trigger a complicated AutoHotkey script. I find it interesting people feel they have to be either “mouse” or “keyboard” users. In my experience, I find the keyboard best when I’m in editing/creating/working mode and the mouse when I’m in browsing/playing/demonstrating mode. Another good principle is to minimize the switching between keyboard and mouse - try and stay with the device you’re using.

Anyway, some major deviation from topic here! We should probably stop before we get told off by the Mods :wink: