Bullet highlighting is slightly off-center



A picture worth a thousand words!

As you can see, the gray background is slightly lower than it should be. Indeed the positioning is slightly off


Could you please follow the bug template or at least give us some information on what platform you’re using?

This bug might also be dependent on your preferences. Have you changed settings like font size and list density?

I’m asking because I can’t seem to repro on latest version of web app on Chrome, with default font size and list density settings:

Let me know, thanks!


Hi Erica, sorry for that, I (wrongly) assumed that it will be easy to reproduce!

That screen was done in Chrome on MacOS Sierra, here are my “appearance” settings (I suppose they are the default ones):

The problem is also present in MacOS downloadable app and on ios, here is a couple of ios screenshots (latest ios, latest app, iphone 8+):


Hmm, it might only happen on macOS then, I’ll test that out.