API doesn't work except file/list


Steps to reproduce

POST requests for API endpoints. “file/list” API returns “Ok” but others are not.

Expected result


Actual result

{"_code":“InternalError”,"_msg":“A server error occured”,"_v":9,"_mv":7,"_b":“20180701214818”}


curl, Go

Additional information

I’m creating a Go wrapper for the API (https://github.com/1l0/dynalist-go). It seems not to be working with my code or by curl. Is it restricted for PRO users or something?

Additional comments

Thanks for the API!


No it’s not. Do you mind if you post your request JSON? You can erase the ids and replace content with test content, as long as we can repro the issue it’s fine.

You’re welcome! :hugs: Also I’m gonna move this to the Developer category, just so it doesn’t confuse other users.


I uploaded a gist. Please check it out.