Zooming in sometimes breaks when notes are involved

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set up a view like the following. Note that the page title has a note consisting of a link and a hashtag.
  2. Hold mouse over the indicated bullet and observe that, oddly, it’s an i-beam.
  3. Click the indicated bullet to zoom in.

Expected result

I expect to zoom in.

Actual result


Notice that, rather than zooming in, the note above where I clicked becomes editable and an insertion bar appears where the bullet used to be. Clicking a second time on the bullet (with the note in edit mode) zooms in.


Chromium on Linux

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I can confirm this bug on Win10/Chrome. When my mouse hovers over the bullet point, the cursor changes to indicate that I am to type something, as Scott pointed out.

The link has to be long enough to go over one line. (Ignore the placement of the cursor.)

cc @Erica.

(I don’t mean to use the name/term Romans offensively and would happily change the screenshot if needed.)

I don’t know why I didn’t check this before, but the hashtag is irrelevant; it can be omitted without affecting the reproducibility of this bug,

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My understanding is that this bug would only happen when the length of the markdown is different from the length of the rendered content, so links, images, and LaTeX all apply.

Can reproduce, we’ll see what we can do!

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