Zoom (Cmd+=) does not work anymore in standalone app

Steps to reproduce

  1. open the app
  2. make the whole UI larger using Cmd+=

Expected result

I expect the same behavior from the browser. Everything should get larger.
This worked some time ago. Now it’s broken.

Actual result



MacOS, stand alone app

Additional information

Additional comments

This zoom feature is very useful if projected on a big screen (TV).
If this is intentional then please consider adding an extra, extra extra large font setting.

Don’t think we’ve changed anything about that recently.

Is it possible that Cmd+= is used by another app or even a customized Dynalist shortcut?

The Cmd+0 and Cmd - (minus) Shortcut works absolutely fine.
I don’t have Dynalist Premium and therefore can’t / didn’t change any of the shortcuts.
The Cmd+= Shortcut works fine for me in the Slack App, Firefox and Chrome but not in Dynalist.