Writting four asterisks in a row makes them all disappear

If I write four asterisks in a row like this **** they will disappear as soon as the writing cursor is no longer on the line. When I put the cursor on the line again, the asterisks reappear.

If I do the same with one or two or three asterisks : no problem.
If I do the same with five asterisks, only one asterisk will remain visible.
If I do the same with six asterisks, only two asterisks will remain visible.
More generally, the biggest multiple of four asterisks will disappear. So if you write 9 asterisks, 8 asterisks will disappear. If you write 26 asterisks, 24 asterisks disappear.

iOS 11.0.2
iPhone 6s+
Dynalist app 1.1.22

My guess is that the Dynalist formatting markdown is causing this. Surrounding text with double asterisks (e.g. *text*) will make the text bold (text). Four asterisks in a row is probably being interpreted as nothing formatted bold.

It looks like you can escape one of the asterisks to prevent this (\*test*).

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This is not an issue, it’s standard Markdown formatting. DL actually handles this formatting of empty space issue better than some other MD editors or tools. The fact that you can go back and insert text into the formatting is nice.