Workflowy import no longer works (from hamburger)

… because Workflowy (cloud version) now requires a numeric code sent by email. No more passwords.

I cannot import, and if I cannot import from Workflowy, I have no use for Dynalist.

Alternatively Export from workflowy website (as OPML for example) and paste that into a dynalist document to import.

Although I saw that option, I have no idea what OPML is. However, with your encouragement, I went to Workflowy and found the “Export” option that included a reference to OPML. I expanded" all" and copied it. Then went to Dynalist, opened a new folder and document, hit Cntrl-V, and there it all was in Dynalist!

Thanks for the push, BigChungus!

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Workflowy has restored to option to log in with passwords. It’s under settings on the three dot menu. Import worked for me the other day this way.

Thanks for the heads-up, Moi_Ocl. I’ll do it that way, too, and compare the results.