Within search should include today in results

Steps to reproduce

Search for within:tomorrow

Expected result

Items with date tags for both today and tomorrow.

Actual result

Only items with date tags for tomorrow.


Windows Chrome

Additional information

This issue prevents being able to search for all upcoming tasks to include today and future days with one search.

I imagine that the reason for this behavior is that the timestamp defaults to 12:00am, which makes sense, but I suggest that the within logic is altered to include that generic timestamp of today at 12:00am in the results, at least if the parameter unit for within is days or greater.

I want to expand on this. It’s confusing to search within:1d (or 7d etc.) and not have anything within today’s date appear.

Additionally, if you take the opposite approach and put within:-1d, you get results marking today and yesterday.
Workaround (not ideal) for users while this issue is addressed: “within:1d OR within:today”

Hi @Connor_Stricklan and @A11: this should be fixed now, could you please confirm?

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Hi @Erica. Yes that works just like I was expecting. Thank you so much!

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The search for within:1d (10d, etc) does indeed pick up items tagged today.

There is an interesting issue here: looking for something that is overdue, such as within:-7d, will also pick up items tagged with today’s current date. If I want things truly overdue, I have to put within:-7d -within:today. That’s a small quibble that I’m not really worried about, but perhaps worth pointing out.

Thanks for pointing that out.

The issue is that items tagged “today” are all day events, which has their time set to 0:00, which makes them “overdue”. It really depends on if you consider today’s tasks as due or not, some people do and some don’t.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

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