With search on, indenting new nodes inside parents without children hides them

Steps to reproduce

  • Open a Dynalist document
  • Perform a search
  • Click on the end of the line of an existing node with no children to start appending text to it
  • Press Enter to create a new, empty node below it
  • Type some text
  • Press Tab to make the new node a child of the node above it

Expected result

The new node should be visible and the user should remain in insertion mode, allowing for new nodes to be added as siblings of that node.

Actual result

The new node is indented as a child of the node above it, but it is hidden (the new parent is collapsed), taking the user out of insertion mode.


macOS Sierra 10.12.6
Google Chrome 71.0.3578.98

This is less of a bug and more of a nature of the search function.

Searched items will automatically collapse children nodes that don’t contain the same string of text you searched for. Even after applying a child node to it.

Better to just expand the parent node you searched for to view the newly made child node.

Thanks for the answer Thao!

It is debatable, though, whether this is a bug or a feature, given that I believe many users use the search function a lot. Most workflows I’ve seen in Dynalist (and Workflowy) involve bookmarking searches and working within those.

I’ll leave it to the team’s judgement.

Thank you again :slight_smile: