Why no keyboards shortcuts on mobile :’(

I often use the Dynalist app on my iPad with a physical keyboard, and would love to use shortcuts as usual. Biggest gripe is probably Cmd-Enter for (un)completing tasks.


Hmmm, I definitely do this on mobile with a physical keyboard - I recommend you go to the desktop version of the website on your ipad then add shortcuts directly in the settings to make sure it’s recognising your physical buttons as the right thing. You can have multiple shortcuts for each command so it shouldn’t interfere with your normal usage.

Once you’ve set them up, they should work anywhere - unless things are very different on apple


@Stephen_Dewitt Thanks for the workaround! Will give it a try :slight_smile:

@Erica There’s probably a big chance you didn’t enable the shortcuts on mobile for a reason. Could you share, or let us know if there are plans for this to change?

@Erica Wanted to bump this (is there a different way you’d prefer we necromance old topics?).

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@Stephen_Dewitt @Erica So I can’t even manually set the shortcuts again on my iPad (platform Firefox/iOS) because as soon as I press “Command”, it detects it as KEYCODE_0 and doesn’t even wait for me to press a letter key. Help!

This continues to be an issue for power users.

@Erica Any sense where this would fall in the priority bucket? :slight_smile: